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Escrito el 17/11/2009


ALCALIBER, S.A. is a Spanish company founded in 1973, with an integral industrial focus and with the objective of guaranteeing the supply of Narcotic Raw Materials, based on the cultivation in Spain of the opium poppy (Papaver Somniferum var. Nigrum) and its posterior transformation into opium poppy concentrate, with the extraction of its alkaloids.

The grain also known as poppy or poppy seed is the source of opium and its chemical derivatives such as morphine. The poppy seeds do not contain the alkaloids that are present in the adult plant poppy, like morphine, codeine, papaverine and thebaine so his target is the industrial and / or food.

In Alcaliber we develop and manage our own poppy crops, using the more advances technology in agricultural production, reconciling the needs for fertilizer and plant protection in accordance with the requirements of higher production at the same time respecting environmental regulations. Since last June it is possible to have poppy seeds new crop.

Alcaliber commitment to quality, safety, innovation and customer care, and commitment to these four points is our ultimate goal.
We export our products around the world.

In addition to having poppy seeds on Alcaliber also perform processing of concentrate of poppy straw, and extraction of its alkaloids.

For further information poppy seeds contact to us:
Phone: +34 91 575 46 67
Email: alcaliber@alcaliber.com

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